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Welcome to the City of Meadow Vale

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This is the web site for the City of Meadow Vale, Kentucky. If you have ideas or comments regarding this site or concerns that involve the neighborhood, please use the Contact page to submit the comment or issue. Your input will be read and dealt with in a responsible and timely manner. Also, be sure to check the News | Other Information tab (above) for the latest details related to life in Meadow Vale and our area of Louisville Metro (District 17).

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September Header

Louisville Metro announced a new helpline to assist with many common COVID-related questions. If you are interested in other COVID-related information, please click here for information specific to Louisville Metro or here for the state website.


Voting Information

Kentucky voters will have three ways to cast their ballots for this November's elections.

Absentee ballot - From now until October 9, those who are concerned about contacting or spreading COVID-19 may request an absentee ballot here. These ballots are required to be postmarked by November 3 (Election Day). For those concerned about postal delays, county clerks are required to provide secure drop boxes for the return of absentee ballots.

In-person voting prior to Election Day - Beginning October 13, in-person voting will be an option. This will be available during regular business hours and at least four hours on the three Saturdays before November 3. Locations will be announced at a later date.

Election Day voting - There will be a limited number of polling places available on Election Day, though the exact number and locations are not yet known.

The Jefferson County Clerk is looking for citizens to fill positions as election officers on November 3. If you are interested,
click here for more information.


Reopening from Covid-19

Governor Beshear has established a phased approach to reopening Kentucky's economy. In recent weeks, we've seen the permitted reopening of places of worship, museums, and in-home childcare programs, for example. Assuming public health benchmarks and industry-specific requirements are met, the next phase will permit certain businesses/activities to restart should they choose.

For more information, please visit the
Healthy at Work web page.

The amended July 30 updated may be found by
clicking here.


Metro Police Lock Warning


MV Mayor Note
Residents of Meadow Vale

September presents us a with an opportunity to reflect on 2020 as we enter the autumn season of the year …

We have many changes to our way of life as we enter the final months of the year. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Families are stressed as they lose loved ones and face the holiday season without these members of their families.

Others are plagued with how to operate their homes, while being displaced from their normal routines and income. Please be mindful, we are all experiencing a feeling of loss.

Be respectfully aware that you and your neighbor may have differing opinions or see things from varying perspectives when looking at the same picture; but we are all Meadow Vale.

This is what makes us unique while making our neighborhood a wonderful place to live. The diversity we have, right within our neighborhood, makes this a wonderful environment in which to live as we uphold the respect we each must have for the other. As we broaden our horizons, we become richer for it.

~ Mayor Hornek


Worth Quoting

Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought

— John F Kennedy


Any resident needing assistance with
food, utility or rent expenses, is asked
to contact city hall for a list of
available resources.
There are many options
to help residents
during this pandemic.

Meadow Vale City Hall:
(502) 412-5500

Meadow Vale Mayor:
(502) 593-1206


Important information about COVID-19 is provided below. Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in an appropriate manner is vitally important for our immediate future. This website will be updated, as appropriate, concerning the residents of Meadow Vale and the surrounding area.

Click on the graphic (above) to be taken to the federal government's
official source of COVID-19 information

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