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Welcome to the City of Meadow Vale

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This is the web site for the City of Meadow Vale, Kentucky. If you have ideas or comments regarding this site or concerns that involve the neighborhood, please use the Contact page to submit the comment or issue. Your input will be read and dealt with in a responsible and timely manner. Also, be sure to check the News | Other Information tab (above) for the latest details related to life in Meadow Vale and our area of Louisville Metro (District 17).

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2020 Census Promo

Self-Response by City

To view a map showing the self-response rates from households that have responded to the 2020 Census online, by mail, or by phone,
click here or click on the graphic above. After the website appears on your browser, go the the right side of the page and select the date, the mode, the state, and the city (see the graphic above). Then, watch as the page displays real-time information as to the response rate. The goal for Meadow Vale is 100% participation.

Important information about COVID-19 is provided below. Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in an appropriate manner is vitally important for our immediate future. This website will be updated, as appropriate, concerning the residents of Meadow Vale and the surrounding area.

Click on the graphic (above) to be taken to the federal government's
official source of COVID-19 information


The City of Meadow Vale would like to congratulate all our graduates as well as thank our residents, first responders, and medical personnel involved in special situations during this Covid-19 situation. We will be honoring you on Friday, May 8th at 12:00 noon with a small parade. Please come outside your home on that date and accept our thanks and congratulations.


COVID-19 Information

In view of the novel coronavirus pandemic, information of importance to our residents is be provided here. Note that the information is available in PDF format so it can be downloaded or viewed on you computer or mobile device.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that was first identified during an investigation into an outbreak in late December. A document prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and containing more information may be accessed here.

Louisville Metro has assembled a comprehensive and community-based response page. Click here. The page covers the following information.
  • COVID-19 Response Fund
  • Businesses with special hours for seniors
  • Billing issues covering Louisville Water, LG&E, others
  • Meals from Office of Resiliency, JCPS, Dare to Care
  • Digital access from providers
  • Federal government relief
  • State government relief
  • 610 Magnolia service with Maker’s Mark
  • Libraries
  • International Population

Senior Nutrition Program operates the federally funded Title IIIC Congregate and Home Delivered meal program throughout the metro area. Due to the unusual circumstances being faced, all Senior Nutrition sites are CLOSED. Alternative plans are now in place. The COVID-19 Distribution Plan may be viewed here.

Emergency Feeding Sites at specific JCPS schools and other mobile sites is available here.

KentuckianaWorks and GLI create online jobs board where users can see which companies are now hiring in the Louisville area. Users can apply at the new online Job Board, created in partnership with Greater Louisville Inc. in response to COVID-19. Job listings are based on information submitted from employers and are updated daily.

A real-time map of the spread of the virus and other data-driven information may be viewed here. The information is may possible through the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU).


MV Mayor Note
Residents of Meadow Vale

Hopefully, by now everyone is aware of how the COVID-19 Pandemic is being handled by federal, state, and local officials. Also, I’m hopeful that each of you have adapted well and, if necessary, are getting the assistance you need as we continue through this stressful period of world and national history.

However, I don’t want us to loose sight of the fact that 2020 is also the year in which the Census is taken across our country. Between washing hands, staying six feet from neighbors and trying not to rub noses, Meadow Vale residents who have not yet completed the 2020 census should take five minutes do so. With many staying home until things begin to open, chances are you’ve got time now for this vital civic duty.

By now your household should have received mail from the Census Bureau. In that official envelope you have a 12-character code unique to your address. Go to and answer the questions starting with information regarding the code.

There are plenty of reasons to participate in the census, chief among them is the benefit of participating in our representative democracy. The U.S. Census is codified in the Constitution as the mechanism for determining the number of seats each state occupies in the House of Representatives. By filling out the form once a decade, you’re doing your part to ensure that you receive accurate representation in Congress.

You’re also doing your part to ensure that our neighborhood, city, and state are as eligible as possible for federal aid and grant money. During a pandemic whose economic impact our state and country will likely feel for years, it’s not hard to see why it matters. 

The success of the census has long-term implications. The number of residents counted directly impacts the amount of money we will receive annually from the federal government for all sorts of programs and grants services here here and in the Louisville Metro.

Due to understandable delays, the self-response period has been extended through the end of July. After that, the list of census responses will be compared to the list of all U.S. residences. If you’re not on the list, chances are someone from the Census Bureau will contact you.

If you're worried about the government sharing your private information, don’t be. Census data is protected by Title 13 of the federal code, the violation of which is a serious federal crime.

As always, the commissioners and I are available to answer questions and direct you to resources during this unprecedented pandemic. We will keep you informed via this website so check back regularly throughout the next month

~ Mayor Hornek


Official Websites for COVID-19 Updates:
Social Resources:
  • KIPDA Social Services Agency for Jefferson County: (502) 266-6084
  • EACM Eastern Louisville Emergency Assistance: (502) 426-2824


Worth Quoting

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Robert Schuler


During the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau will never ask you for:
  • Your Social Security number,
  • Money or donations,
  • Anything on behalf of a political party, or
  • Your bank or credit card account numbers.

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