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Welcome to the City of Meadow Vale

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This is the web site for the City of Meadow Vale, Kentucky. If you have ideas or comments regarding this site or concerns that involve the neighborhood, please use the Contact page to submit the comment or issue. Your input will be read and dealt with in a responsible and timely manner. Also, be sure to check the News | Other Information tab (above) for the latest details related to life in Meadow Vale and our area of Louisville Metro (District 17).

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Have a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Independence Day,
Meadow Vale

2020 Census Promo

Self-Response by City

To view a map showing the self-response rates from households that have responded to the 2020 Census online, by mail, or by phone,
click here or click on the graphic above. After the website appears on your browser, go the the right side of the page and select the date, the mode, the state, and the city (see the graphic above). Then, watch as the page displays real-time information as to the response rate. The goal for Meadow Vale is 100% participation.

Important information about COVID-19 is provided below. Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in an appropriate manner is vitally important for our immediate future. This website will be updated, as appropriate, concerning the residents of Meadow Vale and the surrounding area.

Click on the graphic (above) to be taken to the federal government's
official source of COVID-19 information


Recent Improvements at Hounz Lane Park

The recently-constructed pickleball courts at Hounz Lane Park continue to be a big hit, but those aren't the only courts now available. The two, adjacent tennis courts have been refurbished and are ready for use. Hounz Lane Park also has quite a bit of passive space for those who are more inclined to take a walk along Goose Creek or have a picnic in the shade.


Reopening from Covid-19

Governor Beshear has established a phased approach to reopening Kentucky's economy. In recent weeks, we've seen the permitted reopening of places of worship, museums, and in-home childcare programs, for example. Assuming public health benchmarks and industry-specific requirements are met, the next phase will permit the following businesses/activities to restart should they choose:

June 29 - gatherings of 50 or fewer people, public swimming and bathing facilities, and expanded allowances for youth sports

For more information, please visit the
Healthy at Work web page.


MV Mayor Note
Residents of Meadow Vale

July is here and it is summer...

Construction has begun on the new buildings in the Plaza. The next thing we know, there will be two new buildings to enhance our city.

Hounz Lane Park has many updates with the tennis courts being resurfaced and new pickleball courts. It is exciting to know there are plans for more improvements. We are very fortunate to have a park so close that we can utilize.

Independence Day is upon us; one of the most important holidays of the year. We celebrate and salute the people who paved the way before us. Many of us come from humble beginnings and were fortunate to be given the intellectual tools and opportunities to advance ourselves. It wasn’t money or material wealth.

We were taught if you work hard, were willing to make sacrifices, and share your talent with others, life would reward you. Too often it gets translated to imply a monetary reward. At times that seems very sad, really. At those times we need to remind ourselves that being a part of family, sharing with friends, and believing in oneself to do good, no matter how small, still goes a long way. Therein lies the real reward. Things may not be what they used to be, but that common-sense advice still has meaning for today.

While you celebrate our freedoms this July 4th, be considerate of your neighbors, stay safe and remember... Meadow Vale is a wonderful place in which to live.

~ Mayor Hornek


Worth Quoting

Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought

— John F Kennedy


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