Map of Meadow Vale in Eastern Jefferson County

This page displays a map showing the political (official) borders of Meadow Vale. Not only does Meadow Vale include a residential area within the boundaries of the City, but it also includes the commercial area making up Westport Plaza. The area also includes St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Zachary Taylor Elementary School, and Westport Plaza shopping center. Located in Westport Plaza are Kroger, Chase Bank, the Westport Branch of the Jefferson County Clerk and County Sheriff, City Hall, and other businesses and restaurants. Among the restaurants are Baskin-Robbins, Domino’s Pizza, Goose Creek Diner, KFC, Wendy’s, White Castle, and Wick’s Pizza.

To view a map showing listings of homes for sale in the area at Zillow, follow this link.

MV Upper Vintage Element

Map was updated July 2018 reflecting most accurate determination of boundaries as established by City of Meadow Vale.

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