Ordinances 9 and 10 for the fiscal year 2018-2019 are available to download or view as a PDF document. Ordinance 9 is an ordinance providing for the assessment of real property within the corporate limits of the City of Meadow Vale and the levying of an ad valorum tax for City purposes. Ordinance 10 covers the adoption of the Budget for City of Meadow Vale for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018. Tax Ordinance - Budget Ordinance

The standing ordinances, last enacted as a whole in 2002-2003, are provided below. For the convenience of faster file transfer, they have been broken down by chapters. The complete ordinances in this series are also available as one document. The files are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and may be opened in any application developed for reading files in this format. Further, depending on how your internet browser is configured, the files may open for view in a new window so that no other application is needed.

Application for Rental Property License

In 2013 the City of Meadow Vale enacted an ordinance regarding the licensure of rental properties (residential dwellings). The ordinance was amended in 2016.

License for Operating a Business

In 2017 the City of Meadow Vale determined to enforce the ordinance regarding the operation of certain businesses within the City’s boundary. This includes most of the businesses in the shopping center as well as others. Please check Chapter 110 entitled “General Licensing Provisions” which may be found following the link provided below. Also, the Business License Registration may be access by following the appropriate link.

Criminal Nuisance

The City enacted an ordinance to aid law enforcement in recognizing certain criminal activities as a public nuisance and enforcing penalties of such activities. The ordinance underscores the importance of the safety and enjoyment of real property for all it’s citizens. Click here to download/view the ordinance.

Ethics Board

  • In compliance with the General Assembly, the City of Meadow Vale enacted a new ordinance establishing a code of ethics for City officials and employees. (click here to download/view)
  • In accordance with the Code of Ethics, this Statement of Financial Interests must be filed with the City Clerk no later than 12 PM on March 1st of each year. (click here to download/view)

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