City of Meadow Vale
July 16, 2018

The following were present for the meeting –
Mayor: Mary Hornek
Commissioners: Diane Roberts, Matt Sweeney, and Bob McAllister
Treasurer: Chris Lusher
Attorney: Carrie Ritsert
Absent: Cathy Morrow
City Clerk: Matt Hammond
Police Chief: Aaron Yates
Guests: George Stewart

Mayor Hornek called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.

Guests: George Stewart was introduced as the new code enforcement officer. He distributed business cards and talked to the Commission on his thoughts about what he will do.

The June minutes were read. Motion to approve by Commissioner Cathy Roberts, second by Commissioner Bob McAllister, with a unanimous vote in favor.

Treasurer Lusher presented the June financial report. A profit and loss report was distributed.

Memo regarding expenses being right on budget, even lower than budgeted. Journal entries regarding moving of items to next fiscal year. Revenues are higher than budgeted due to insurance tax deposits and MVPD InterLocal agreement income being higher than budgeted.

Oversight Procedures checklist completed by Commissioner Roberts. Bank statements are available for review. Question from Mayor Hornek about needing to amend the budget regarding the general fund. Can Treasurer Lusher scan in contracts into QuickBooks? He will look into it.

Motion to accept the Treasurers Report by Commissioner McAllister, Second by Commissioner Sweeney, approved unanimously.

Chief Yates was present to discuss the June MVPD activity report. Slow month, 14 calls for service, 6 in Rolling Hills, 4 in Worthington Hills. 44 Miscellaneous runs. 15 Traffic stops in Meadow Vale. Warning notices issued, no citations issued. 1 Misdemeanor Arrest on Boxford Court. Review of August hours.

George Stewart met with Clerk Hammond and Mayor Hornek and went over forms and paperwork. August 1st will be his start date and he will report to Commissioner Sweeney and provide a monthly report.

Contracts for bids regarding services for road, grass and snow remediation.

KLC conference here in Louisville September 17-20.

JCLC Networking Dinner is November 15, Vince Tyra from U of L speaker.

Continuing work with Sec. of States office to rectify boundary issue of Meadow Vale City limits. 2009 survey was done and see if they have the info needed to rectify the boundary issue.

HB487 regarding publishing a line in the Courier-Journal with a link to the website is ready to go. Byron, the webmaster, has this taken care whenever we are ready. This will save us money.

Annual Tax Letter has gone out.

Email sent to Mayor Sea at Worthington Hills regarding the new rate for the InterLocal Agreement. They are having a meeting later this week and, hopefully, we find out more then.

Social Advisory meeting on July 3rd was short and is being rescheduled in August.

Pressure washing service to be finalized later this week.

Review of the bids about sanitation services. Details discussed. Sample contracts provided for review. Motion to accept the Rumpke contract by Commissioner Roberts, Second by Commissioner McAllister, approved unanimously.

Westwood Ethics Board, still finalizing their candidates. More information coming in the August Commission Meeting.


Bob McAllister-Streets/Signs/Lights: Street conditions are OK according to vendors. A suggestion about filling cracks and sealer spray to ensure longevity. Lights are all functional at this date. Will contact the sign vendor to get a longer pole for sign on Tiverton. Rollover curbs on Goose Creek and Somerford discussed. Concrete and asphalt for the materials on the rollover curbs.

Cathy Morrow-Social Issues/Events: ABSENT but report submitted. Discussion about the September 15th Movie Night. We are inviting Rolling Hills and Westwood with us at this event. Discussion about the band cost and the food truck cost and bouncy/movie screen. Costs will be shared among the three cities; will be around $500 per city. Recycle event being organized by Pat Teeter. Will be held over by the old Wicks Pizza.

Diane Roberts-Drainage/Website: No Report for Drainage or Website. Draft distributed of the proposed duties of the commissioner. KLC has an approved list of job descriptions. May need to make a new ordinance regarding job descriptions of commissioners.

Matt Sweeney-Safety: Nothing new to report. How long do we keep confiscated property? Counselor Ritsert will look into what we need to do to get rid of the confiscated property. Metro/Jail won’t take the property unless its evidence.


Review Clerk and Treasurer to receive an annual $200 pay increase to their maximum amount of $5,000 annually starting July 1, 2018. Motion to accept the pay increase by Commissioner Roberts, Second by Commissioner McAllister, passed unanimously. Motion to increase pay for the Office Assistant by $1 per hour by Commissioner Sweeney, Second by Commissioner Roberts, passed unanimously.

Webmaster proposal by Byron Songer reviewed. His fee is $240 per year. Motion to accept by Commissioner Sweeney, Second by Commissioner Roberts, passed unanimously.

Discussion about forms to fill out for running for office. Forms available in the back office of City Hall.

Motion to adjourn the regular meeting made by Commissioner Roberts, second by Commissioner Sweeny with an unanimous vote in favor, at 8:08 p.m.

**These are unofficial meeting minutes pending Commission approval**