Opportunities for Residents

As the title states, this page provides a listing of opportunities that residents are encouraged to volunteer for or seek. The page will be updated routinely.


Assistance with Other Operations

Volunteer opportunities presently exist to be of service in the City of Meadow Vale. To respond a resident may call Mayor Hornek or use the Contact form on this site. The opportunities are as follows.

MV News Icon
Newsletter - The newsletter is printed at the end of each month and is available for distribution then. Ideally, if there were three or four volunteers an arrangement can be made to take a turn every other month and to distribute on one-half of the residential area at a time. This is a good opportunity to do something while walking for exercise throughout the neighborhood.

MV Planning
Event Planning and Hosting - From the recent survey, there is interest in having city-wide events. The fall timeframe was preferred. Having a core group of five or six to meet and plan a city-wide event or a number of block parties throughout the residential area would go a long way in creating a better feeling of community while enhancing security and safety issues.

MV Directory
Residential Directory - It has been some time since a neighborhood directory was produced. The primary purpose of the directory is to provide a listing of neighbors near to any residence as well as a contact number. This information can be helpful in enhancing security within Meadow Vale.

MV Do Not Litter
Litter Crew - For several years a litter crew has been responsible for patrolling the berm between Hounz Lane and Hustbourne Parkway. City leadership has taken pride in keeping this stretch of roadway as free of litter as is possible. There is a need to make some adjustments to the weekly schedule of team members. This also calls for adding a few more “regulars” as well as “alternates” to the crew. The responsibility is to serve once each month on a Saturday. There are normally four members to the crew. Pickup is done on a weekly basis. Alternates are needed to fill in with a regular crew member has another obligation.

MV Landscape
Landscape Maintenance - The primary focus is to see that the area around the sign facing Hurstbourne Parkway is weeded and trimmed at least twice each year. An individual or a couple can easily handle this as a community project.

MV Clean Sweep
Housekeeping for City Hall - City Hall, which is used by some community groups, the Commission, and City of Briarwood needs light cleaning on a routine basis. In addition, some assistance with filing and straightening of records is also needed. If you have and interest or expertise in either area, please notify the Mayor or complete the Contact form on this website.